Please find below details of updates to the website and happenings in the world of Rob Joyce Photography.


A new gallery added of a few shots at this year's Badminton horse trails which I was fortunate to attend.


 It is with some regret that I am no longer selling my images in any capacity.  Due to changes in my personal life and needing the time for other projects, I feel I can no longer justify running Rob Joyce Photography as a business. It required a lot of work and the returns were not making it pay in terms of time and cost. However, I want to keep the website running but only in a viewing capacity. Please continue to visit to enjoy my images in the future.

I'm back! New images added to Stereographic and Equirectangle Galleries. I have been honing my techniques and feel I am producing some excellant new images.

Sorry for a lack of updates but I have hopefully redeemed myself with three new galleries to look at detailing some of the exciting work I have done over the past year. These galleries include Panoescher which showcases the images produced for the exhibiton "Projection Cubed", Equirectangular images - 360 x 180 degree panoramas and Stereographic - 360 x180 degree panoramas stretched into tiny worlds! 

The website, as you can see, has had a complete overhaul. I have added lots of new galleries detailing a lot of new creative images I have been working on in the past year along with some old favourites. The site has also been streamlined to concentrate purely on my photography.